Fresh Bee Packages


    I get calls all the time from ordinary folks wanting to just know more about bees so this year I decided to do something to help out, promote beekeeping.  It’s a great hobby or just a small past time only requiring your time two to three times a month to check on your bees.  You can get bees for pollination of you home garden as now days lots of vegetables are not pollinated enough due to the shortage of the honeybee resulting in poor or non existent harvest.  I can sell you a hive of bees for you to work with yourself or I can provide the equipment and the knowledge to get you well on your way. E-mail me at with any questions or concerns.


Available March 2019

WE offer Earlier Delivery than Most!!!

Always wanted to raise your own bees? Nows the time and your also going green in the process.  We will be selling a limited number of packages. I can also provide you with the equipment to get started, give you some training, and be available to answer any of your present or future questions. What a reward your own fresh HONEY!

-$150 each. (price may change depending on demand)

Additional Mentoring available.

What an interesting Yard yours could be.

2012-2019 Packaged Bee Install

3# Packages with laying queen Local Raleigh NC pickup.          


  $150 Click to order

Interested in the COMPLETE PACKAGE?

Includes everything you need to get your bees started during  your first year including mentoring for you as well.

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